ABOUT Versorium

Versorium Technical Recruitment are experts in providing defence recruitment solutions across the Technical and Engineering sectors.

With over 20 years’ experience of providing tailored recruitment services within Defence, Aerospace, Air Traffic Management, Electronics Engineering and the Nuclear Sector, We bring traditional values to our recruitment process which give us a clear understanding of the needs of our candidates and clients,this enables us to provide the services and solutions that result in the delivery of successful recruitment campaigns.Our professional approach reflects a long term commitment to our chosen specialist markets, for candidates and clients. The emphasis we place on market intelligence gathering, ensures optimum fit when meeting our clients' expectations as a resource partner which guarantees successful recruitment solutions.

We provide managed services for staffing solutions to meet any need, no matter the size or scale of the project. Services include Search and Selection and Targeted Head Hunting for permanent and contract recruitment, Specialists in Teaming with companies and assisting their growth plans by partnering with them for resource management and business planning.

The Versorium

William Gilbert proved with the invention of his Versorium that it was possible through innovation, creativity and the application of a logical process model to understand complex and related global forces. You will be partnering with a company that reflects the excellence and inventiveness that Gilbert delivered and demonstrated. Our recruitment business model reflects such original thinking complemented by a clear understanding of your business world and the dynamics of your environment - just as Gilbert's Versorium did in its own world and time.

The Versorium is a needle constructed out of metal which is allowed to pivot freely on a pedestal. It is similar to a compass needle, but unmagnetized. The needle is attracted to charged bodies brought near it, turning towards the charged object.Since it is able to distinguish between charged and non-charged objects, it is an example of a class of devices known as electroscopes. The versorium is of a similar construction to the magnetic compass, but is influenced by electrostatic rather than magnetic forces. At the time it was invented, the differences between magnetic and electrical forces were poorly understood and Gilbert did a series of experiments to prove they were two separate types of forces with the versorium and another device called a Terrella (or "little Earth"). In fact, Gilbert was the first to draw a clear distinction between magnetism and static electricity and is credited with establishing the term electricity.