Functional Safety Engineer

Defence & Electronics
Contract Type:

Functional Safety Engineer

Generation of functional safety plans commensurate with the requirements of IEC 61508 and related standards, as applicable. Carry out a series of system and sub-system functional safety activities in support of the plans during all safety software lifecycle phases.


  • Working with the lead electronics design engineer in preparation of failure rate and diagnostic coverage (safe-failure-fraction) predictions.
  • Organising and recording system level functional safety analysis using FMECA, FTA, etc.
  • Manage the interface to the safety certification body (TUV).
  • Management of functional safety requirements and traceability to implementation.
  • Monitoring and auditing of the operation of configuration management and document management systems for safety-related items.
  • Production of material supporting the certification of the product.
  • Organising and recording verification reviews.
  • Specifying, executing and recording safety validation tests.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Degree in a relevant engineering subject.
  • Application of standards for functional safety of programmable systems.
  • Estimation of electronics failure rates using component level FMEA or other techniques such as reliability block diagrams or Markov analysis.
  • Functional safety analysis at system level, using FMEA / FTA, etc.
  • Production of documentation for certification or approval of safety-related systems.
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