Senior Software Engineer

Contract Type:

Senior Software Engineer

Involved in the development of products that support products into modern industrial applications.


  • To write and maintain functional requirement specifications by interpreting and analysing user requirements.
  • To develop safety software designs and architectures that they and/or their colleagues will implement.
  • Apply semi-formal design and verification techniques, static analysis and test coverage analysis using suitable tools.
  • To lead and take part in design and code reviews.
  • Unit testing, integration testing and system testing of the code being produced.
  • Produce documentation as required to demonstrate compliance with SIL 3 requirements, for the purpose of certification of the products

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Computing/ Science/ Engineering Degree class 2(i) or higher.
  • At least 5 years experience in real-time software development using C/C++.
  • Experience of working in multi-person software development projects.
  • Experience of using structured design methodologies such as UML, state transition diagrams, etc.
  • The ability to support and lead less experienced engineers.
  • Ability to provide guidance in the planning, organisation and prioritisation of work in a small team/project.
  • Unit test, integration test and system test; capable of supervising 3rd party testing.
  • Experience in working to IEC 61508 or related standards (IEC 62061, ISO 13849, IEC 61800-5-2, etc.) or functional safety standards from other application areas (aerospace, rail, defence, nuclear, medical, etc. would be beneficial.

Senior Software Engineer

Keywords: Software Engineer, C#, Development, Test

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