The Challenging Times of a Commuting Recruiter

The life of a recruiter is very busy at best, there are not enough hours in the day and you can always be busy either sourcing, networking, looking at new business, the list goes on. So, as standard if you use the prime times to try candidates and fit the rest in during core hours you should hit the KPIs set (or at least your own activity targets), and have a good pipeline building without having to worry too much about working much from home, or at weekends to catch up.

But then put in the mix a commute either by road or public transport to somewhere on the outskirts of a City like Bristol. It takes me roughly a hour to hour and a half from leaving the house or office to arrive at the other destination, so without even working extra hours in the office or sourcing from home for an hour or two the normal time spent out of the home is 12-13 hours. Gone have the days of leaving for work around 08:00 and walking In the door just after 17:30.

Luckily though in this day and age we can check emails on our phones, look at CV watchdogs and contact candidates straight away, even log in to jobsites from home and do an extra bit as and when required in our own time. Recruitment is what you make it, the basics are simple….you work the right way, the more you put in then the more you get out. You can “survive” by working 9-5, making minimum calls, sending out the minimum CVs required but you want to succeed in recruitment and make it a money-making career it only takes that little bit extra work, and working smart. Using the commute to check the new watchdogs and clear emails before you get in the office for instance….“Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven’t found.”